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Our clear and informative reports help health care providers make the right decision for every patient. Health care providers and patients also have 24/7 access to their information through our online portal. Training, advice, and webinars are also at your fingertips so the reigns belong to you.

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Our vision is to lead the industry in quality and customer service while being the example that other laboratories can model their services after.

Mission & Value

We look to serve each and every one of our clients at the highest level possible while ensuring that they are able to receive the reporting, services, and client care they need in a timely and efficient manner.

Meet Our team

We hold ourselves to high standards in order to deliver the highest quality of service possible to you. The people who we select to be on our team are no different. Each member on our team is hand selected and tested before they are brought onto to the team. We ensure that each person who is brought onto our team is not only a good culture fit, but a good fit to serve our clients as well.


Why Choose 360 Laboratories

360 Laboratories has built its reputation for accuracy, compliance, and customer service. We offer a variety of rare genetic testing including hereditary cancer screening while also offering general toxicology testing. We want to be the single laboratory that you come to when you require testing or for a specific test to be done. Regardless of what your needs are, we have built our service around giving you the best customer experience possible.

Industry Leading Result Accuracy

Easy To Understand Test Results

Speedy delivery

Consistent Focus on High-Quality Standards

Services & Choice

360 Laboratories prides itself on providing industry leading service and a full menu of products to choose from…

Pharmacogenomics Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment Carrier Screening Respiratory Pathogen Panel Molecular Urinary Tract Infection Panel Clinical Diagnostics Toxicology

Industry Credibility

360 laboratories has built a significant reputation among our clients when it comes to delivering quality results within a predefined time period and hold various nationally recognized accreditations. We know how important it is to comply with industry standards and what not complying with them could mean for your test results. That is why we hire third-party laboratories to conduct mock laboratory inspections on our practices to ensure that we are meeting standards on every level.

CLIA Certification #11-D-2124667 COLA Certification #27791 CAP Certification #8096051